English Diary


March 11, 2016

One month ago I was so busy about my job, haven’t time and idea to write my English diary. There were many things had to do that made me tried.

I had to learn new things about my primary job, it was very interesting and funny. I practiced to use advance excel and learn about marketing and business with IT. It made me understood of business problem and how to use IT (Computer) to resolve the problem.   I had a lot of job to do more than previous because I’m strong and  learn a lot HAHAHA. There were many task to do unique a day.

In addition, after I finished primary job I went to gym two or three day a week. The personal trainer made me practice so hard some day after gym I hadn’t energy to do anything. He also made me to eat a lot of eggs, chicken breast, mile, pork etc. He said “If I play hard, but not eat more usually. Your weight can’t  increasing ”. I had played a variety of machines and body style with free weight. It was interesting and not boring.


February 19, 2016

Hello from Valentine week, every thinks around me are so beautiful especially who have a boyfriends/girlfriend, but in valentine’s  day I went to exercise at gym.

This week I felt a little bored and tried maybe cause work hard and a little rest.I came back to open online shop again and customer are still much intact. Sometime I could not managed time to do many think, last week I had free time to do everything that I like such as watch Korea series, watch YouTube, read book etc. but no money to lavish use .

On Wednesday I had an appointment to fit-test my body at gym that was first test before exercise but I was late for a month.The result was standard, my body have a little fat and muscle is in balance. Although the result was ok but the overview I still thin and skinny so trainer introduced me how to exercise and I decided to bought PT one course.

In another I went the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center to visit “THAI INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL FAIR 2016 ” for looked some packet Tour in summer with my aunt came from USA with her husband,we plan to travel in Phuket and I determined booking Love Andaman agency for this trip.


February 12, 2016

The second week of February, month of loves. Everything still remain last week are working and exercise.
About my work, my boss had me learn about SAP and CRM that very interesting and good to me, I learned many word from a manuals and practice reading English too. On Friday I had a meeting and presentation with our team to report my job problem and discussed how to solved.

After work on Wednesday and Friday I went to exercise, this week I met my teacher taught  CORE ABS me last week and he taught me play new machine and recommend me how to play and posture for focus the muscle.

In addition I can solved some problem about my little project developed for ex-company (CUSRI), I used Laravel 5.2 Framework for develop and PHP was computer language for coding. The problem was I can’t upload any file with form and edit file when the officer need. I spend litter time to learn about “File Uploaded in Laravel”, finally I can coding for upload file to new row in database and upload new file to replace ex-file in row.


February 5, 2016

This week was my first week with a new job, I started working as a data analyst at Wunderman Thailand (Head office at Siam Tower) but my office at customer site at Sathon Square. I was very exciting about this job because I thought it have many interesting to learn and have to work about business, information and my knowledge about computer science that I hadn’t a chance to do before.

On Monday I went to meet HR person to learn about the company rule and meeting new employees at Wunderman, Siam Tower. HR person had me to register new account on many website because the company are in USA and have many child company so I had to read about the company policy and learned about the policy online training, that all of new employees must to learn by two week after started working.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, My boss not assigned me any job because she just came back from holiday and have many task to manage but my colleagues brother had me to read about the job that our team responsible, flow chart of the business, documents and application manuals.

In middle of week my boss taught me about the business model of the company it’s new knowledge for me but very interesting. Before the end of week I had a chance to join a conference to listen my boss discuss about her task with other team in India and other contries, it’s very difficult and I’m quite not understand lol.

In addition my friend and I went to Kaset-Fair after work to relax and found something to ate. There were many kind of foods, trees and goods about the farming.

January 29, 2016

This was my first English diary I wrote on the website. I had been not a chance to use English in everyday life cause my environment surrounded by Thai friends and people. I remember last time I learned English language when I was the second years at the university (4 years ago).

I think English language is very important for me because I had an exchange student in Chulalongkorn University to support, my new job must type an English E-mail and I have to chat with my aunt in USA with English.In addition If I can reading, writing or speaking English that help me to fast learning many thing and growing up.

So I applied for English course at OIC English School to revive my English skill again, that course about writing, grammar and little speaking. I enrolled start basic course because my knowledge of basic skill is very bad. I couldn’t writing question sentence and don’t have sentence structure knowledge, but after I finished one course I think I can do it and better than before.

My English isn’t good and prefect now and this diary have many wrong writing haha, have many things I must learn and practice. It’s difficult to do anything perfect since the first time, but I believe it’s will better if we have a time to practice and dedicated about it.

Thank you for devoted your valuable time to read my my bad diary. Lol